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Local Government Communications & Engagement Strategy Masterclass

Local Government Communications & Engagement Strategy Masterclass

19th March 2019 9.30am - 5.00pm

To be held on Tuesday, 19 and 26 March 2019, this masterclass is designed specifically for local government communications and engagement staff and those responsible for delivering a service, program, event or project.

A communications and engagement strategy sets the foundation for garnering community and stakeholder understanding and support, ensures that resources are used most effectively and that activities are aligned with council policies and objectives. In this two-day workshop, participants will learn how to develop a strategic plan to raise awareness and understanding of their service, program or project, and inspire support and collaboration for better community, economic and environmental outcomes.

Bring along your laptop or use the comprehensive workbook to develop your strategy in real time.

Program outline

Set the Scene

  • Articulate the purpose and define the communication challenge
  • Gather information and evidence
  • Detail the methodology and timeframes
  • Detail project non-negotiables and negotiables

 Understand the Context

  • Identify relevant Council plans and strategies, legislative requirements and engagement and communication frameworks
  • Analyse the environmental context and prepare a risk profile with mitigating actions

 Know the Audience

  • Identify the demographic, psychographic and behaviour characteristics of target audiences
  • Identify relevant internal and external stakeholders and their required level of engagement

 Set the Goals and Objectives

  • Set communication and engagement goals and objectives

 Develop the Communications Program

  • Develop a project vision, mission, narrative and key messages
  • Select the right mediums to deliver your message to the target audiences
  • Prepare an integrated communications, PR and media program

Develop the Engagement Program

  • Identify engagement tools and techniques to use for each stakeholder group

 Plan for Action

  • Prepare a communications calendar
  • Populate an action plan template

 Measure Success

  • Set key performance indicators to measure the success of your goals and objectives.

Strictly limited numbers.


central Melbourne location


Infoline and bookings: 1800 677 600


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